Our Mission

Celebrating its 40th anniversary in 2020, the Historical League, Inc. is dedicated to preserving Arizona’s rich cultural heritage and promoting public awareness of the Arizona Heritage Center, an Arizona Historical Society museum. The Historical League, an Arizona 501(c)(3)/509(a)(2) nonprofit membership organization, conducts several fund-raising activities, including publishing two award-winning storytelling cookbooks, Tastes & Treasures I and II. Members also volunteer their time and efforts for educational and promotional activities. Since 1979 the Historical League has contributed more than $2 million dollars to the Arizona Heritage Center and League members have volunteered over 175,000 hours to the League and museum. At monthly meetings from September through June, stimulating, thought-provoking speakers inform members about a wide variety of topics on Arizona’s history including intriguing individuals and historic preservation. League members also enjoy tours to historic places, both locally and in other southwestern states.

40th Anniversary Celebration Builds a Fund for the Future
Fund begins with Charter Donors

The Future of History Fund is established in honor of the 40th Anniversary of the founding of the Historical League. The Fund will underwrite key projects that fulfill the League’s mission.

Members and friends of the Historical League are contributing, starting at the $250 level, to reach a goal of $100,000. The first year’s projects include:

  • An update of the Historymakers Hall exhibit
  • Support for Arizona teachers and students to develop National History Day projects
  • Outreach dollars for the Arizona Heritage Center to reach new audiences

These “kickoff” projects are just the beginning of the good that The Future of History Fund will carry forward.

The Fund is accepting Charter Donor gifts only during this founding period, which will conclude on June 30, 2021. After that date, with the Fund firmly established, gifts of any level, including memorial and honor gifts, will be included.

“History gives us hope for the future.”                                                                                                                                   ---Linda Whitaker, Honorary Lifetime Member of the Historical League and President of the Board,  Arizona Historical Society

To learn more about becoming a Charter Donor to The Future of History Fund, contact Anne Lupica at aelupica@gmail.com or (480) 250-8396.

Donor Levels

Total raised as of October 15, 2021 = $121,755

Gold $5,000 and above


Gail & the late Charles Lucky

Karl & Stevie Eller

Mary & Rob Ward

Peggy & Gerry Murphy


Susan & Ennis Dale

Silver $2,500 to $4,999


Diane & Robert L. Smith

Judy Blackwell

Marilyn & Robin E. Parke

Nadine Mathis Basha

Nancy & Stan Evans

Patsy & Tom Tait

Renee & the late Jack Donnelly

Ruth & Al McLeod

Zona & Tom Lorig

Copper $1,000 to $2,499


Anne & Joe Lupica



Becky Drinkwater

Bonnie & Alan Newhoff

Brian Day O'Connor

Cathy & Tom Shumard

Christine & Don Wilkinson

Craig & Barbara Barrett Foundation

Davie Garrison

Jan & Paul Murray

Jerry & Joan Colangelo

Linda & John Fritsch

Margaret T. Baker

Patricia & Peter Faur

Peggy & Bob Withers

Rose & Harry Papp

Snell & Wilmer

The Hobbs Family

Vern & Cille Swaback

Amethyst $500 to $999


Barbara Ziehler

Christine & Jeffrey Hackett

Cindy & Barry Halpern

Clede & Fred Gorrell

Deb & Ken Hester

Dee & Chuck Steen

Dianne & Gary Linthicum

Dr. Robert & Claire Nullmeyer

Drs. Laurie-Sue & Bill Retts

Jan & Terry Hoeschler

Janet Weiss

Jeannine & Jim Moyle

Jennifer & Charles Sands

Jim & Sandy Bruner

John & Mary Garbaciak

Julie & Bob Moore

Leonore & Adam Driggs

Liisa & William Wilder

Mary & Bill Parker

Mary & John McMahon

Monnie & Martin Calfee

Nina & George Filippi

Norma & Robert Hinton

Norma Jean Coulter

Patricia Grogg

Reba Wells Grandrud, PhD

Seth & Barbara Franzman

Sharron McKinney

Turquoise $250 to $499


Anne & Fred Christensen

Anne Woosley & Allan McIntyre



Barbara & Terry Fenzl

Barbara Simons Davis

Benito & Tina Mellino

Betsey Bayless

Carolyn Mendoza

Cindy & Frank Shelton

Diana & David Smith

Dr. Gary & Dotty Schmit

Frank Barrios

Janna Cross

Jeannie Rutkowski

John & Marjorie (Avery) Bachert

Karen & Ed Belt

Karolee Hess

Katie & Leroy Tovar

Lee & Shelley Coriell

Lee Ana & Gary Kains

Leslie Christiansen

Linda & Dennis Corderman

Linda & Steve Wegener

Lindy & Bob Isacksen

Lisa & Brandon Dale

Lisa Schnebly-Heidinger

Lynn & Mike Wood

Mariamne Moore

Mary Maloney

Mary Pat Honey

Pam & Bill Stevenson

Patt & Chris Walker

Rebecca & Melissa Ruffner

Richard Shaw

Ruth Ann & Phil Hogan

Sally Veazey

Susan Howard

Suzan Makaus