The mission of the Historical League, Inc. is to support the Arizona Historical Society and the Arizona Historical Society Museum in Papago Park in Tempe, Arizona by contributing the services of its members, securing and allocating resources, and conducting informational and promotional activities.

A Center for History and Learning

Historymakers Gala XII and Recognition Program

In February 2017, the Historical League will be honoring men and women who have made significant contributions to the history of the state of Arizona.

We need your help in selecting a well-rounded and deserving group of honorees. Take time to consider living individuals who you think are worthy candidates to be honored as our Historymakers. If you have nominated someone in the past and they have not been selected, resubmit their name. Please send supporting information about your nominees. If possible, include a link to websites where you found information about them. Also, please place an asterisk (*) by the names of candidates with whom you are personally acquainted.

Historymakers come from many sectors in our community and state. They are not selected by category but are chosen by their overall contribution to the state of Arizona.  The selection panel will meet in the fall of 2015 and the new Historymakers will be announced at the beginning of 2016.

The deadline to nominate is May 30, 2015. No form is necessary. Please send your nominations to: Pat Faur, 725 W. Butler Dr., Phoenix, AZ 85021 or email it to patfaur@cox.net.

Thanks for your help in nominating the 2017 Historymakers!

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If you are someone who loves Arizona and its history, joining the Historical League may be right for you. Our organization is very social in nature and we feature lectures from historical experts at our monthly meeting, held the first Monday of each month. In addition, our members travel to historic sites and museums all over the state, as well as out-of-state trips to visit historic sites.

The Arizona Historical Society is Arizona's oldest cultural organization. The Society was founded by the Arizona territorial legislature in 1864. The Historical Society is responsible for preserving Arizona's rich and dynamic history, both for present and future generations. The centerpiece of the Society is the Arizona Historical Society Museum at Papago Park; 1300 N. College Ave, Tempe, AZ 85281. This magnificent tribute to Arizona's history is a Smithsonian affiliate.


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