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Terry Goddard

1947 -

Honored as Historymaker 2023

Historic Preservationist, Activist for Transparent Government

Video by Carey Pena of Inspired Media 360, for the Historical League; videographer Leonardo Buono.

Terry Goddard has spent his life in public service, working to increase citizen participation in government, enhancing consumer protection and making government more transparent. A native of Tucson, he has served as Phoenix Mayor, Arizona Attorney General, Arizona State Director of HUD, and President of the Central Arizona Water Conservation District. Most recently he spearheaded the Arizona voter approval of Prop. 211, the Stop Dark Money initiative in the fall of 2022. The initiative will require public disclosure of major donations used in campaign media spending. Among his other accomplishments, Terry led the effort to change the City of Phoenix elections to a district system, which led to more minority representation; opened the city planning process to more citizen involvement; and as attorney general focused on predatory lending, deceptive advertising and fighting transnational money laundering. The son of former governor Sam Goddard, he is a graduate of Harvard and a Navy veteran.