Donate Arizona Recollections and Reflections

Support School and Public Libraries in Arizona

Donate one or more copies of Arizona Recollections and Reflections, an Arizona Centennial Historymakers Commemoration to a school or public library throughout Arizona. We are actively seeking sponsors to underwrite this project. With your help, we can donate to 2,000 school and public libraries.

This book has been well-received by teachers and educators as a reference and resource book. Read testimonials from Superintendent of Public Instruction John Huppenthal, educators, Historymakers, and others.

Imagine this leather-bound book engraved on the cover with “In Memory of ______________,”“In Honor of __________,” and/or “Donated by the __________ Family.” (Maximum of 60 characters) This is an excellent opportunity to remember a special person.

The price of the book, including engraving if desired, is $25.00.

Books will be delivered to librarians and teachers at workshops and conferences as well as distributed to both school district offices and public libraries. Thanks to donors, over 900 copies of Arizona Recollections and Reflections have been distributed to Arizona libraries with more on the way.

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